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Masked Rider Kabuto – Episode 1

Toonami may be done here in the States, but there are other places in the world where the legendary programing block still holds strong. Over in the Philippines the sun still rises on a world with Toonami and it looks like there’s a new Rider on the block! Kamen Rider joins the line-up… in English!

Watching this is like watching a Toonami from a different timeline where they kept the block awesome and did the impossible with bringing Kamen Rider Kabuto to an English speaking audience.

Here’s to hoping someone can upload an episode or two so we can see what he final product looks like.

Ride on and clock up, Kabuto. It’s good to see you in action again. 😉


  • DR84

    I applaude the fact that its in its original form; however, its not the same without the original voice actors, especially Hiro Mizushima. He really did an amazing job acting the part. In a way, he gave Tensou Souji his soul. I don’t really feel that in the dubs for some reason. (No offense. :p)

  • WTF

    Wow, no wonder no one likes your site. God forbid anyone has a different opinion, you have to delete it. I guess you guys prefer the OMFGBBQ !!!1!! responses. No wonder you guys always have fights with the community, its just a tv show. Get over yourselfs !!

  • ukiya_seed

    Stupid! Our house doesn’t have cable! XD Oh, well, I better wait till free TV will air Kabuto. But even though Cartoon Network aired Kabuto, they skipped Hibiki! They only aired Blade then skipped to Kabuto! Those English speaking brats here haven’t got a chance to see the taiko-drumming Hibiki! Unless they have a chance to watch it on free TV… just Filipino dubbed.

  • Raiken05

    This is simply FULL of awesome!!!!!!! KRK has always been my favorite Kamen Rider series, but to put it in ENGLISH for a Toonami block is simply unparalleled! Don’t exactly know what CN America was thinking by snuffin out Toonami in the first place. >_<

  • ClimaxDeno

    ew, i cringed from watching it. honestly, i can’t take ‘Masked Rider Kabuto’ seriously. I think that the fandubs on YouTube are better then this. I don’t want the world to see this!


    Poor actors of Kamen Rider Kabuto. Their images getting ruined because of this


  • Hikuro

    Hah, guess I should say thank you for that kind of comment ClimaxDeno since I was one of the first to lead the charge of the Kamen Rider dubs on youtube. So far, haven’t really seen anyone match my skills.

  • Go-Kiva

    I was liking it until I heard the voice actor of Tendou go “Transform,” instead of “Henshin,” that just basically killed it for me. Plus the dude with the glasses (don’t remember him at the moment) his voice was well let’s say interesting.

  • ukiya_seed

    Here in the Philippines, we are not using Transform for our Henshin catchphrase, instead, we use the phrase, “Rider Change!” since Masked Rider Black aired here till now. Heck, even Hibiki who is not uttering Henshin says it before the flames die out. XD

  • Jin

    What the hell now thier doing it dubbing the whole show i like the subs better now no offense but don’t like it.

    subs are better with original voice actors blends with the shows style.

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