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Ultra-Senshi are Alien’s from the M78 Galaxy also known as “The Galaxy of light” who are sentient species made out of pure photons who come to the Earth to fend away Kaiju and Aliens who threaten our planet with destruction or with other purposes. Due to Pollution in our atmosphere Ultra-heroes must take a Human host or be disguised as a human for most of the time when they are on the planet so that when the situation gets tough they will know when to transform into their respective form to fight a threat but can only be in their respective form for a short amount of time.

In just about each and every Ultra-Related series there is a team of scientists who use advanced technology and advanced weapons to fight those that threaten the earth and normally the human host or disguised ultra-hero is a member of those respected teams, they will know when the right time to transform is because a lot of time the advanced tech and weapons does damage to the threat that they are fighting.

There are many universe’s in Ultra-History, Some of them may seem like they all belong in One universe which lately is to be thought of with the recent movies that have come out or are coming out, Some said examples are “Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers” Which took place in an Alternate Original Universe with said characters as Daigo Madoka[Ultraman Tiga], Shin Asuka[Ultraman Dyna] And Gamu Takayama[Ultraman Gaia] Who play 3 best friends who grew up together watching the Showa Era Ultraman Series.

The next movie that is trying to pull all of the universe’s together as well as introduce new characters is titled “Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie” Which is a mix of characters from Every ultraman they can pull out of the Catalog including A handful of Fodder Ultra-Acadamy Cadets as well as Two new Ultramen one that is likely to have his own series and another that will probably stay a movie exclusive, The one that is most likely to get a new series goes by the name of “Ultraman Zero” and has been confirmed to be the son of UltraSeven, The other is known as Ultraman Beilel who is like the Devil of M78 who gets loose somehow and plans his revenge.

There have been Two english Ultraman series not counting the dub of the Original Ultraman series from 1966 and the 4kids dub of 1996’s Ultraman Tiga. Ultraman Great which is a 1990 Australian production and Ultraman Powered which is a 1993 American production that surprisingly never saw the light of day in America.

The Ultra-Series and all of its spin-offs were created by Eiji Tsuburaya and Tsuburaya Productions. Aside from Ultraman, Eiji Tsuburaya is known for being the creater of one of the longest lasting kaiju tokusatsu’s around. The one and only Godzilla, who has had more movies then pretty much anything in japan.

I hope you enjoyed reading my guide to the Ultra-Series, I got inspired by this from a man named August Ragone and from The original ultraman being the first tokusatsu I saw back in 1992. From here on in you are ready to step out of Kamen Rider/Super Sentai and embrace that which is the warriors of light.


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