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This news is by way of HJU Radio co-host, Chad Bonin the GaijInsider. And it struck me a couple days ago that this would obviously be the one to go with.

First off, like I said a while ago, Power Rangers prints money. Every season of that show is a truckload of money for someone to make. And money makers aren’t going to just skip one truckload because its heroes wield swords and slash monsters.

Here’s some casting details:


Special Notes: LOCATION: ALL TALENT must be willing to relocate to New Zealand for approx. 6 -8 months. Must have valid or current passport with at least one (1) year left before renewal or able to get one.

ALL OF THE FOLLOWING POWER RANGER ROLES are a group of teens 18-23 years to play 15-19 years. They are all nice looking, charismatic, energetic, outgoing and confident. They must have SUPER HERO LOOKS with average height and in great physical condition. Martial arts or gymnastics a big plus:

Caucasian male, 18 – 23 to play 17-19 years. Reese is an attractive young man with super hero looks and a slim athletic build, approx 5′10″. Natural leader, reserved quiet and mysterious.
Martial arts a plus.

[Read the rest at Gaijinside]

2011’s going to be a pretty interesting year. 😀

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  • My favorite sentai to date being used for Saban’s return to Power Rangers? Hopefully they’ll get a good director and a great cast. I was worried that it wouldn’t translate well, what with kanji being the basis for all of their henshin, but I’m still excited.

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