The Ladies of Justice return with a new warrior joining the fight! General geekery, impressions of OOO’s and some Goseiger abound in this episode. Click on and enjoy!

Our ragtag group of guest hosts are as follows:
Fangire Queen
Blade Dancer
*Graphic by Ragna D BloodEdge
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  1. I’m in the hated ‘W was okay’ crowd. W succeeded when it came to the emotional parts. Villains were more interesting, as far as Toku goes, but the problem I had with the series was the detective cases.

    They were incredibly simple and easy to figure out, maybe not to a kid, but it was to me. They also took up a majority of the show, making a majority of the show agonizingly dull(Save for the one with the indie film director). It diluted the effectiveness of the villains and emotional payoffs, making the show for me just average.

    OOO is fun for me because it’s light-hearted, doesn’t take itself too seriously, has some interesting plot elements, and has fairly entertaining fights if you can get over the Disgaea levels of craziness. It’s a welcome break at the end of the week.

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