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Cinemas in Japan have released a new poster and pamphlet for OOO, Den-O, All Rider: Let’s Go Kamen Rider to the public.
This movie is actually not celebrating Kamen Rider only.  It’s actually celebrating Toei’s 60th anniversary. It’s basically “All Ishinomori” VS Shocker and not just “All Rider”.  The Kikaider bros, Inazuman and Kaiketsu Zubat will have their own original actors doing the voices.
They are not the only original actors coming back. Renn Kiriyama and Masaki Suda will be back for their roles as Shotaro and Phillip, and it’s not voice acting only! Goro Naya will also come back to the voice as Shocker’s Great Leader. Isao Sasaki will be in this movie as well, but currently his role is unknown. Hidekatsu Shibata is back to voice his famous role, General Shadow, from Kamen Rider Stronger. Shozo Iizuka will be back to voice Darom and Seizou Katou will voice General Jark.

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