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Many years after the legend war, Zangyack came back to attack the Earth.
The Gokaiger’s head out to fight them. While they fight, 5 Ranger Keys are stolen a group of mysterious people.
These mysterious people were no other than the Gosei Angels, Alata, Eri, Agri, Mone and Hyde. They immediately transform into the Goseiger’s. The Gokaiger’s and Goseiger’s starts fighting for the GoseiKnight RangerKey. However, suddenly the Black Cross King appears.
The revived form of the Black Cross Führer.
Monsters from the past has been revived and come back from hell.
Gosei Red infiltrated the Gokai Galleon in order to steal the GoseiKnight Ranger Key. But then…
Through the powers of Black Cross King, Brajira revived as “The Messiah Brajira of the Resurrection” with his new belt on his waist, he’s now after Alata and Captain Marvelous. Even Crime Minister Yogoshimacritein and Hades God Dagon has been revived as well.
For some reason they’ve arrived at an Edo period based street, Mone and Luka has to dress up for this.
This Yellow Combo will perform a double transformation!
Gokai Pink shooting Battle France and Battle Kenya. The Great Super Sentai War has already begun, but how will it end?
Gokai Red fighting against the past reds. In this film, the Sentai heroes seems to have a conflict. Why are they fighting?

The debut of the Super Certain Kill Weapon “Super Sentai Bazooka”.
A bazooka has always been a tradition in Super Sentai. This will bring tears to the world.

Scans from Figure Oh, courtesy of Sanshiki


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