Namco Bandai Games unveiled their latest game at Tokyo Toy Show 2011. Kamen Rider AR Carddass is similar to Ganbaride, but for any iDevice with a camera and iOS 4.0. This means that older iPod Touches aren’t able to use this app.
Instead of scanning a card like it’s done in Ganbaride, Kamen Rider AR Carddass uses the AR system to read the AR logo on a Carddass card.

From the official iTunes description:
“Call out a Kamen Rider from the AR logo written on your Carddass card!
If you win the battle initiated with the rider that is challenged, the rider of the card can be registered to your collection!
Build up your team with as many new riders as you can!
See the official site for more details about the “Kamen Rider AR carddass!”

This application is a specialized application for the card product “Kamen Rider AR carddass”
A “Kamen Rider AR carrdass” card is required to get the most out of this application’s features.
* If you do not have a card at your disposal, you can try the game using coins or enjoy collecting items from the Gashapon using the collection features.”

Available for free in the Japanese iTunes.



  1. Ok so I just foun out about this the other day , do i tryed to get this … But all I found was the USA version , will that work ?
    Where is the best place to get these cards right now ?
    Also does this game work with ganbaride cards ?

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