Goseiger to Become POWER RANGERS MEGA FORCE……. Maybe. – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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Yeeeeep…….. “Mega Force.” Found out over at Orends Blog and there are some RPM vs Samurai details that have me wondering about the quality of this upcoming team up. According to the sources over there…. the RPM Ranger actors don’t plan on showing up, so we might just get in suit RPM Rangers with voice actors.

I’ve heard whisper and word and this and that about how shaky things were last year with Executive Producers getting swapped, and the actors attachment to those Executive Producers. I heard QUITE a bit, but I have made no confirmations… so take what I say with a grain of salt (what does that even mean?!)… but I’m guessing the RPM’s probably don’t even want to come back and that’s what’s going on there. They were REALLY attched to the first Executive Producer and eventually were respectfully won over by Judd Lynn, but after all that.. I doubt they’d be dying to return to the tights.

As for “Mega Force”……….. man. That’s…. soo…… uncreative. So… flat. It’s like Power Rangers “Super Team”. Power Rangers Samurai was also pretty uninspired… makes me wonder if Gokaiger’ll be Power Rangers Pirates.

More as it breaks, but… yeah….. Mega Force and the return of the RPM Suits. Hm… alright.

Drop in to the forums to see what we have to say about all this.

EDIT: There’s no confirmation on this yet, soooooo….. ^__^;


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