Koichi, Shoutaro, Phillip, Ahnk… Confirmed all in for Kamen Rider MEGAMAX Movie! – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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Read over at the JEFusion Blog that every Kamen Rider wish you could imagine is coming true. The movie will see Eiji and Ahnk reunited to throw down against evil…. AND the return of my two personal favorite Riders, Shoutarou and Phillip FURTHER enforcing a One Rider Universe world in our Neo-Heisei era AND! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND!!!!! Freaking Koichic Sakamoto will be directing the film.

This is unconfirmed, but I think everyone that sees this movie will also get one wish of anything they’ve ever wanted, and that would include more wishes if you wanted it.

Hot fucking damn. 😀

Now all we have to do is… wait until next year. 🙁



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