Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters is closing in on it’s premiere, and more information about the series is just flooding in.

Hiromu Sakurada is 20 years old and transforms into Red Buster. He has an older sister by the name of Rika Sakurada. Rika seems to be aware of Hiromu’s identity as Red Buster, however she doesn’t approve of him fighting against the Vagras.

By inserting a program into their bodies, Hiromu and his friends gained superhuman powers, but in exchange for these powers, they were given a secret achilles heel:

  • When Hiromu sees a chicken, he’ll panic and his body will automatically freeze.
  • Ryuujis’ weakness occurs when he moves too much, which causes thermal runaway. Therefore, he needs to cool himself down constantly.
  • If Yokos’ energy runs out, she won’t be able to move. To make up for it, she has to eat sweet things.

The Go-Busters also have a support team, consisting of the operator Tooru Morishita, the commander Takeshi Kuroki and the newly recruited operator Miho Nakamura. Tooru works as the informant, keeping the Go-Busters team updated on the Vagras.

13 years ago, a virus managed to penetrate through the system at a research lab. The virus infected a certain program, causing Messiah to be created. The scientist, Sakurada, sent the whole building together with Messiah to a subspace, thus saving the world. That scientist was Hiromu’s father, Yousuke Sakurada. The virus program, Messiah, eventually became the leader of the Vagras. The Vagras army is now working on bringing back Messiah to Earth.

Enter is played by the actor, Shou Jinnai. Enter works as a spy for the Vagras on earth.

A Megazord is created at the same time as when a Metaroid is. The Megazord stays in a different subspace as it’s powering up and it’s fully charged when the Megazord takes in the Metaroid’s powers.


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