Deka Red Appears In Akibaranger – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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In the last promoUnofficial Sentai Akibaranger, we saw what looked like the back of Bouken Yellow, suggesting the show would have random cameos to give the team advice and support. In the latest trailer, we see Dekarangers’ Deka Red speaking with Akagi.

It can be assumed that the characters flailing around is a scene where they fight CGI monsters, but is it filmed in a street of normal passers byers. The question asked to Ban at the beginning of the video is “What do you think of the Unofficial Sentai?“, he replies:

    Doing the hero thing is a source of pride. Messing around like that is sorta….

The text at the end proclaims, “Keep doing it, Akibarangers! But is all right DekaRed?

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