S.H.Figuarts Scorpio Zodiarts and Fourze Module set 3 – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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Revealed during the Tamashi Features Toy expo earlier this month, new photos have surfaced of the up-coming S.H.Figuarts releases of Kamen Rider Fourze’s Scorpio Zodiarts, and Module set 3 which includes Wench, Shield, Chain Array, Gating, and Stealth!

Scorpio’s suggested retail price is 3500 yen, while Module set 3 will retail for 2800 yen. These figures will be released in July, along side the S.H.Figuarts releases of Stronger and Den-O Sword Form. Be sure to check out site sponsors HobbyLinkJapan, CSToys International, and Hobby Search to pre-order your own!

Source Cyber Gundam.

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