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On April 15, Sports Houchi asked Hiroshi Fujioka (66) for comment on the passing of Shigeru Araki (63) on the 14th.  He responded, “He was like a younger brother to me.  It was far too soon.”

Fujioka loved Araki like a younger brother from before Araki’s debut.  “He was always cheerful and positive, and he would always do his best.  He was full of energy.  We were friends who worked together many times, so my heart hurts very much.  It was far too soon.  I’m very sorry to lose him,” Fujioka said of the man with whom he had worked hard to become an action actor.

Fujioka appeared as Takeshi Hongo/Kamen Rider #1 in the final episode of Kamen Rider Stronger, which starred Araki as Shigeru Jo.  They also appeared together in Tokusou Saizensen.  “There was scenes where he rushed in on some terrible crimes, weren’t there?  Together we came up with a scene where my character recommended that his character smoke to relax.  It left quite an impression for me,” Fujioka recalled.

Approximately 3 years earlier, Araki called Fujioka and they reunited.  “I want to do my best, along with you and our other Rider friends,” Araki had said passionately, Fujioka recalls.

The last time they met was January of this year, at the wake of their Tokusou costar Hideaki Nitani.  “We were so busy that all we could do was greet one another.  He looked well, so I thought he would be fine,” Fujioka lamented.

Source: Sports Houchi

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