These new scans give a new look at Kamen Rider Wizard’s toys and forms and introduces the Plamonsters! The belt appears to be be released in September coming with the Fire, Water and Ground Rings.

Carrying on the legacy of the Candroids and Foodroids, the Plamonsters will supporting the title hero this year. They are listed as named Red Garuda, Blue Unicorn and Yellow Kraken. All three are named are different mythical animals, a Garuda is a large mythical bird from Buddhist mythology, a Unicorn, and the giant sea monster Kraken. They will be released on September, October, and November respectively.

The DX WizarDragon and Machine Winger, Kamen Rider Wizard’s motorcycle, can be combine to form Winger Wizardragon
for his version of the Rider Kick.

A loser look at the DX WizarSwordGun, his main weapon that as the name suggests, is both a sword and a gun.

source: alternative-zer0 of HJU



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