San Diego Comic Con is happening right this second and the Power Ranger 20th Anniversary Panel just wrapped up. Want to know what’s happening with Gokaiger?

In attedence for the event was the actors who played Bulk from the classic era, Jayden, the current Red Samurai Ranger, Tony Oliver who played various voices and has written and produced episodes from Mighty Morphin’ to Zeo, Elie Deker, president of Saban Brands and host by Brian Ward who worked on the soon to be released DVD sets for Shout!Factory. The other half of the comedic duo, Skull crashed the panel and received a roar from the crowd and the pair spent the rest of the time making everyone laugh.

One of the highlights of the panel was a young girl asking if there will ever be a female Red Ranger, to which the entire audience cheered. They answered yes, but couldn’t say how, most likely indicating at Princess Shinken Red character set to appear in upcoming Super Samurai episodes. They stated that Mega Force will be split up into two seasons like it’s predecessors with the tag Super for the latter season and is definitely is the anniversary season of the show. However, Gokaiger will be used in the second season, but wouldn’t part with any details as to what.

Someone asked about the possibilities of getting the Japanese Super Sentai shows on DVD, but promptly said no.

We’ll be doing more coverage as soon as we can put it together! The marketing team for PR there were impressed with our websites logo 😉



  1. The panel sounds like it was a smash. I just think, what’s the point in doing half a season of gosei and half be gokaiger. Would have made more sense to just skipped goseiger/made it a mini and done gokaiger fully for 20th season. Along with going back to one full season for one sentai format. But I am curious to see how this turns out.

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