[Updated] First Look At The New Space Sheriff Gavan – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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Here is the first look at the new Space Sheriff Gavan who will be making his debut appearance in Octobers new movie.

The new Gavan has been revealed to be 30 year old Yuma Ishigaki, most popularly know from the Azumi films and Hana Kimi television show. Due to the cross over movie Gokaiger Vs. Gavan earlier this year, Gavan has become popular and gained fans with this new generation. Osamu Kaneda will be directing the movie who previously worked on Let’s Go Kamen Rider and the lackluster Super Sentai x Kamen Rider – Superhero War Movie and writer Yuji Kobayashi who was responsible for Ultraman Max and Gekiranger.

It had been rumoured recently that a younger actor would be taking over the role as the Space Sheriff, leading people to wonder what will happen to the original actor and character, Kenji Ohba. It seems that he will be passing down the torch to new character who we know nothing about. The movie is set to premiere in cinemas 20th October this year.

source: eiga.com


  • Eirei07

    At first I was apprehensive on the “new, young Gavan”. But if it’s Yuma Ishigaki, I’m feeling better about it. The guy is ripped, can fight really well, and most importantly, he’s a good actor who can carry a heroic character. And plus, it’s Yuji Kobayashi writing. I’m actually looking forward to this now.

  • Whether we like it or not these classic toku heroes have to be replaced sooner or later. It’s just the reality of time. I’m glad that the original Gavan gets a chance at a proper send-off and torch passing.

  • Matt Linkous

    Having it be a passing of the torch kind of thing is an interesting way to go and I think is more respectful to Kenji Ohba than if he were just being replaced. It’s also interesting that they are keeping the suit but I notice that the new kid has to earn his medals (the colored lights on the chest).

    Alternatively, they could have just created a new Space Sheriff but I like that they’re doing more of a legacy thing with it all.

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