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Check out a quick look at the test pilot for MMPR called Galaxy Rangers.

It has been known that there were going to be some Easter Eggs hidden in the Power Rangers DVDs, specifically in the Bonus discs. One of them being the test pilot that Haim Saban sent to Bandai America in May of 1992.

The show was called Galaxy Rangers at the time and featured a whole different cast in mind. The story was set in the future where peace spread across the solar system. Of course, until an intergalactic sorceress decided to screw things up a bit.

The first person shown as the Red Ranger is none other than Mark Dacascos!

He’s described as Victor Lee: An expert in martial arts.

Zack Taylor is a “detective with an unusual style”. Kimberly Harte is described as a “sometimes clumsy but always clever aerobics instructor”. Billy Cranston, contrary to his final character traits, is an “athletic heart-throb with a body of steel”.  And Trini Crystal is an “intellectual and struggling novelist”.

From what I can gather, these were grabs from the pilot of Bioman done in the 80’s, which Mark Dacascos shot for early in his career. I’m not sure if all of the clips were shot specifically for the pilot, or if there were clips from previous work done by the actors. But, it looks like it was spliced together with the “new” Zyuranger footage to create this test pilot.

This is a pretty cool little Easter Egg that they put into this box set. A lot more Zyuranger footage was used, specifically out of suit shots. There aren’t any clear shots of the faces of the Japanese actors, but you can clearly see them in their costumes as the jump across the screen. It’s an interesting look at some of the early concepts of the show. I’m just glad that they didn’t stick with Galaxy Rangers.

To get it, insert the first Special Features bonus disc from the MMPR boxset. Highlight (but do not select) Lord Zedd’s Monster Heads. Press the arrow keys in any direction to make the lightning bolt of the MMPR logo above turn blue. Then click the bolt to watch the pilot.


Source: Rising Sun Tokusatsu

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