1. Obsidian The Forever Stoned
    August 27, 2012 @ 9:29 am

    As a Tv Program: 3.5 / 5
    As a Rider Series: 4.0 / 5Amazing show overall. Defiantly in my top 5 favorite Rider series of all time. My only qualms about the show is that the rest of the rider club didn’t get a whole lot of attention and the character development they got felt uber rushed (I.E. the tomoko sakuta relationship). Also i kinda feel a lil jipped there wasn’t a scene where gentarou shows he knows the name of everyone at AGHS. But all in all the show as epic when it needed to be, serious when it need to be, weren’t afraid to be as cheesey as they wanted, but most of all even though i kinda “knew” what was gonna happen next and how it was likely to play out the show still kept me interested and giddy like a school girl obsessed with a japanese satellite. Fourze is a very unique rider series and weirdly enough kinda changes the status qua on the whole japanese kids show obsession with friendship by applying science and logic to it. yay science!

    August 31, 2012 @ 11:53 am

    Remembered that I almost quit fourze , but when Meteor debuted, I was back and really excited. I think it’s one of the best moments of the show and his arc all the way to the cosmic states arc.
    Still think that meteor should of had his own show and hope sometime in the near future that TOEI do kamen rider meteor spin off DVD about ryusei like they did with accel with koichi directing it or even a martial arts another bruce lee inspired rider but in his own show with everset doing the theme to the show.

    As Meteor’s identity is revealed and when fourze gets the cosmic states during mid way of the series , those episodes felt like a perfect finale for fourze. And after that it’s like toei were rushing the series because it had to reach 48 episode mark and had hit but mostly miss moments in the show. I think if TOEI stuck to the rider cameos and gentarou concept of being friends with all riders, like decade did to a certain degree. The series would had been better and it would had helped the tv ratings.

    Kamen rider OOO’s and Fourze Megamax was the best to come out from fourze and also OOO’s using the the original idea of using all riders but limited to having seven riders and having double which felt of a what if the riders were still fighting in the present day. Koichi’s action are top notch and hope he does more rider anniversary’s or even the newer space sheriffs someday.

    Kamen rider Movie Taisen 2016 Henshin of life (Rough) Maybe a trilogy?
    I Know that the riders Cyborgs and cant age but If I did a movie for the next rider anniversary and if most of the rider actors are alive at that point it would be. (Just ideas)
    ”foundation x finding remains of shocker ,comes up with a scheme to drain the all of the riders and peoples energy which in turn makes the riders age but instead of all , it only drains the seven riders, RX and Agito, the energy drainer is incompleted ( thats when you can bring the older seven riders and recast the riders who are no longer with us. To pay tribute and homage to the actor’s who passed away) and they cant transform. Some of the other riders who can are imprisoned by foundation x and needed to be saved. The Only ones who can transform are the neo heisei riders, agito but cant evolve to his burning and shinning and trinity forms and as for Kotaro RX’s, his kingstone energy being drained meaning it reverts him to transform into his previous form: BLACK and has to aid the neo heisei riders and agito with the help of taki (from the original series, now a successor of tachibana from the original series ) a former FBI Agent now part of the new riders defense league that was established by rider ichigo, nigo and v3 assembles the other neo hesei riders),and other riders to stop foundation x’s plot.
    Other supporting people can be taki’s children and the chef from RX, Joe the haze, akiko and her shonen rider scouts
    Late into the course of the film the neo heisei riders and destroy the shocker energy drainer and prevent it from being completed. Thats when the other riders can feel their powers coming back but are still old.
    First the older rider actors fight the mooks and and then HENSHIN (Transform) pose into action. And Kotaro ‘s kingstone sparks then dehenshins to black and henshin poses to RX. And the king stone is at maximum power meaning that kotaro can use this power one time only to create a shadow of his former self BLACK, meaning RX is teaming up with BLACK similar to decade. When the seven riders, BLACK and RX, neo heisei riders and the Skyrider to ZX , Kuuga and agito in costume destroy the last piece of shocker and the new generals that foundation x revinvented but in the process destroying the new great leader of foundation x, thats when the movie is over, the seven riders dehenshined one last time and when transformed again reverts them back to being younger again.

    The seven riders, RX,agito and taki thanking the newer neo riders to keep on fighting and words of encouragement for future generations of riders until the seven riders revert back to normal and younger turning back into riders again saving the other riders and all riders ride into sunset.”

    Love to see an expendables feel to it and an marvels avengers feel too having references from the older rider actors. With Koichi directing it and a cameo from taki from the original rider shows, ishinomori’s eldest son who was the chef in RX to cameo
    And a cameo from the actor riders, seiji takiawa, eitoku, jiro (well known as the black suit actor) playing as taki’s children aiding the neo heisei riders.
    akiko being so pissed that ryu (accel) is trapped by foundation x and creates a team of her own ”the new shonen rider scouts”.
    Kinda a mini fan fiction, as I know this would not happen. but would be great

    Anyways for fourze I’ll give as a series a B- for megamax I give it a A-

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