Gavan and the Go-Busters Summary – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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Earlier this week we broke the news about the new Space Sheriff Gavan making an appearance in episodes episode 31 & 32 of Mission Sentai Go-Busters. Thanks to the latest Hyper Hobby, we now have a clearer idea of the plot.

The Go-Busters detect a mysterious energy reaction and head out to investigate. The mysterious monster, Rhino Doubler, is chasing a girl by the name of Sherry. The Go-Busters save her and she tells them about Galactic Union Police and Space Crime Organization Makuu. A Metaroid shows up, Jumonji(the new Gavan) and Hiromo clash, however something happens to Sherry and Yoko…

That’s all so far folks.

source: ca3 blog via Hyper Hobby

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