Kamen Rider Wizard episode two and Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 29 aired this week and the ratings are in!

Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 29 scored itself a 5.2% this week, managing to tie the current series high set way back during episode eight. With the continued support from Wizard, it looks like Go-Busters might salvage its second half. You can also thank the interest that could have been sparked from Mission 29 and 30 being touted as the final battle against Messiah. The series average for Go-Busters so far stands at a 4.0%, well below Chouriki Sentai Ohranger’s 4.5% series average. Having run a few numbers weeks ago, it’s going to be very difficult for Go-Busters to end up as anything but the lowest rated Sentai series ever even with these improved ratings, but a higher second half is always a good thing. We have no idea where the series is going after the Gavan episodes and ratings for those should be a nice way of gauging whether or not there’s any sort of renewed interest.

Kamen Rider Wizard episode 2 scored a 7.8% rating. This is up from the first episode’s rating of 7.1%  and is the most watched Kamen Rider episode since way back in November of 2010 when Kamen Rider OOO’s 12th episode scored an 8.2%. Kamen Rider Fourze’s second episode also saw an increase in ratings before beginning its trend downwards, losing the non kid demographic audience. The increased ratings here might show that Wizard is managing to bring some of those older lost viewers back into the fold.


SOURCE: Rising Sun Tokusatsu



  1. Will be interesting to see if Kamen Rider Wizard is able to hold the older audience. So far it’s far less goofy than Fourze so that may help. While I liked Fourze I found the plot to move rather slow and sometimes not move at all. Only thing that made me keep watching was the fun characters just like in Den-O, though Den-O had a stronger plot but also move slow at times. Anyways good to see Wizard do well in ratings.

  2. Im a long time Kamen Rider and Super Sentai fan and the current shows Wizard and Gobusters are 2 of the worst shows Ive ever seen. I couldn’t finish the first episode of Gobusters and if I hear Wizard’s belt say “Please” one more time my tv and the image is going out the window. Wizard would be watchable to me if his belt didn’t annoy the hell out of me.

          1. C’mon, Hibiki is just different from the normal Rider series, it isn’t bad. For me (As well as others), Hibiki is one of the best Rider series. But most of the people don’t like it, since they are not accustomed to a different kind of Rider series.

          2. Hibiki is kinda good once you get around the hate most people throw at it because the riders aren’t fighting among each other (damned Agito tradition) but the run out of funding and change in script probably made quite a feel people mad

    1. I wish I could share my super power of separating the toy sounds and actual story. Belts never annoy me, because in my mind they are like two completely separate entities. And considering the fact that I like wizard belts sounds in a campy over the top catchy way, instead of having Noise interfering with the story I get good story and catchy cheesy sounds that in no way interfere with each other. But considering how many people are incapable of this and find the belt distracting, I concluded that it’s some sort of super power nobody else has.

  3. I guess it’s too early to conclude but.. if this trend continues with Gobusters and Wizard then can we say that Gobusters’ first half all-time-low ratings is just because it is affected by Fourze’s all-time-low ratings, and not because it “failed-to-attract-kids-and-needs-a-retool” like everyone used to think?

  4. I might watch this after a dozen Eps (I watch in bundle)… I just hope it doesn’t go like Kiva/Blade/Hibiki… To me they were too depressing to begin with… & Fourze’s setting was a bit too childish for me… I’d want a storyline that would flick an interest, yet fun enough to enjoy, like Decade/W/OOOs…

  5. Been loving wizard so far I feel they might be trying to do a mix of den-o and kiva with it. I like how the characters feel developed and it doesn’t look like we will have to spend the first quarter of the series learning about the background characters only for them to fall to the wayside for the rest of the series.

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