After some delay, the ratings for the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 30 and Kamen Rider Wizard episode 3 are in!

After two weeks of ratings bumps, Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters Mission 30 saw a decline in ratings once again. The episode scored a 4.6% and closed out the Vaglass saga of the series. After the Uchuu Keiji Gavan two parter coming up, it’s anyone’s guess where the series is going to go now that every major plot line has been closed up, so perhaps those episodes will draw some better ratings. The series average climbs just a bit to a 4.07% now and though this episode saw a drop in ratings, it should be noted that it’s still two tenths of a percentage point above the first episode to see ratings bumps when Wizard began.

Kamen Rider Wizard episode 3 came in with a 6.4% rating, bringing the current series average to a 7.1% total. You had to expect that ratings would drop at some point, but I was still hopefully they would stay in the 7% range. Fortunately, it’s still too early to see any patterns forming or make solid predictions over the future of Wizard at this point in the game.

SOURCE: Rising Sun Tokusatsu



  1. 6.4% FOR WIZARD ????
    Is it just me or Japanese kids are hard to satisfy?
    If I could help them with the ratings, it would be so cool.
    “Hey, I’m also watching it every Sunday!!!”

  2. In the digital age, you have to consider other things. Do Japan have a tv system like Tivo or Sky+, where you can record shows and watch later?

    Are these ratings like Nielson Ratings? Where they take a tiny source and extrapolate out? That data is always awful. If you gave those boxes to people I know, shows like X-Factor would not have such high ratings and so on.

    More info on just where this 6.4% comes from would be good.

  3. It is probably not that kids don’t care its just there are fewer and fewer kids being born to care. Low birth rate is going to kill the Japanese, Chinese, Korean, and Singapore economy. Seeing kids shows ratings drop is just the beginning of whats to come in the next couple of decades.

    1. And you want them to have lots of kids and then use those kids to get some money from charity and the government as a pension? I prefer them not! Believe me, if I were my country President, I’d implement the Asian way and those ppl who tries the current way, go to eat from the trash cans, because they think they’re smarter and they’re merely trash to the society.

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