There hasn’t been an Ultra TV series on the air since Ultra Galaxy NEO in 2009 and that show only ran 13 episodes. Ultraman Mebius was the last show to run for a full year, way back in 2006 but now it looks like we’ve got a new Ultraman TV series on the way. Possibly.

Marketing flyers have leaked containing images of a new Ultra character to promote the Ultra Egg line of toys. The Ultra Egg toys are egg shaped toys that unfold to become Ultra characters and monsters. While that line has been going for a while, this is the first time a new Ultra-like or Ultraman character has been introduced and they do tend to come with some presence in either TV or movie form. To add credence to the theory this is for a new TV show, there’s a story attached to the very blurry image featuring this new character and what looks to be a series logo.

We’re super excited over the possibility of a new Ultraman TV series, but we’ll hold off on the bold declarations until we’ve got solid proof. That said, the optimist in me is thinking we’re getting a new TV series soon. The logo is incredibly blurry, but it definitely looks like ウルトラエッグ – Ultra Egg.

SOURCE – Rising Sun Tokusatsu




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