A few days ago, over at Tamashii Nation 2012, the Akibaranger booth were showing multiple posters and advanced ticket gifts for something called “Akibaranger the Movie: Treasure of the Maid Empire” ! You’ll never get to see it in the cinema because it doesn’t exist.

The Akibaranger staff decided to take a joke from twitter to the next level by making it seem like a movie was being released. Even going as far as making posters, fake tickets and the limited edition ticket gift, AkibaRed Special Color version as pictured below. Initially, the joke came a tweet by marc_1109, back in May, asking for two Akibaranger movies which he hoped would be called “Treasure of the Maid Empire” and a VS movie with the Gavan parody, Space Sheriff Gavian from Akibaranger. Treasure of the Maid Empire eventually spread to 2ch, where a lot people jokingly said they wanted to see it happen.

Despite not being a real movie, the poster claims it’s a “big hit if you just use your imagination…”



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