As expected, the Gokaigers are returning in the annual Super Sentai VS series, but with new outfits. But why are they dressed in black without Gai? It’s all revealed in Figure-Oh 178 with the plot summary of the upcoming movie.

There’s an old legend about 5 mysterious keys. Once these five keys are gathered, one can find the Greatest Power in space.
The Gokaigers, who left Earth to destroy Zangyack, are now back on Earth with a black Gokai Galleon, the sail even has a Zangyack emblem. The original red Gokai Galleon was destroyed in Zangyack’s homeplanet. . The Gokaigers are now working with Zangyack. The Go-Busters realize they have to fight the evil Zangyack and the Gokaiger crew. As they fight, the Gokaigers Gokai Change in both Goggle V and Timeranger.

The Go-Busters manages to capture Navi, and they find out that the Vaglass are also working with Zangyack. They are also told that they have to travel back in time. Thus Yoko and J head back to the Edo-era. There they meet Rat Boy (Nezumi Kozo) a Japanese thief and folk hero. Turns out that Rat Boy is actually Gai! Gai informs them that he’s there to help them, and since they are the 36th Super Sentai they have to show Gai some more respect.

Go-Busters VS Gokaiger will be released in Japanese theaters January 19, 2013.



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