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Three of the twelve upcoming Kamen Rider novels have now been released. Unfortunately, Kamen Rider Kuuga has been delayed until mid-December or early January. These novels will not be officially translated into English, but HJU will do its best to post proper summaries.

Here you can find some first impressions from various readers over in Japan.

“Kabuto was probably the worst one out of the bunch. It’s a waste of money.
It’s basically the final episodes made into a novel. There were some extra things not in the TV show, but it’s not enough to make it interesting. The novel starts out with a 14-year old Tendou. As I was reading this, I thought it would be really cool. But then it just jumps to the content from the final episodes. Even so, the scene and situation is changing all the time. You really need to have the final episodes fresh in your memory, otherwise it’ll be confusing when reading it.

Nothing from the TV show is explained. No explanation where the Hopper Bros came from or why Kagami became Gattack.

I was really excited for Kabuto, but after reading it I want my money back lol”

“The book is set after CJX and before they find out Phillip is Raito.
Shotaro catches a cold, Phillip acts as Shotaro and keeps on taking requests. Initially, he uses Fangjoker to fight, but with Shotaro being sick he can’t use full power. Shotaro’s condition grows worse and Phillip has a hard time keeping up with the Dopants. Shroud shows up to help and gives him the Lost Driver. Phillip transforms into Cyclone. At the end he keeps the belt and it’s the very same belt he gives Shotaro at the end of the series.

It should be set between 32 and 33.
Just like the TV show, the format is the same in the novel. The first part is called ‘The One After Z/Great Detective’s Substitue’ and the second part is called ‘The One After Z/Mother Nature’s Messenger'”

“Ankh’s chapter was the most interesting out of the three chapters. Birth and Eiji’s chapters were alright, but it not as good.
Ankh’s part talks about the creation of the Greeeds all the way to the point where they are sealed up. Gara is mentioned and some parts from the movie are mentioned. The first OOO is in the novel. The first impression I got from him was ‘Kougami but evil.’ He also fights the Cockroach, Whale and Lion Yummies. Which are mentioned as the strongest Yummies. There’s also a Condor Yummy at one point.

Birth’s part seems like it’s the Birth Driver narrating about who he likes more. The best way to explain it, is Birth’s chapter feels like a net movie. It goes on about how much it likes Date. At first it refuses to admit Gotoh as its user, eventually it takes a liking to him and finally acknowledges him. You’ll actually feel sorry for Gotoh when reading this.

Eiji’s part does connect well with the TV show, they talk about the dying girl, maipenrai is brought up. For the most part it’s about after Mega Max, Eiji still transforms into OOO to protect what he needs to protect.”

This is all for now. I’ll be trying to pick up W and OOO, so stay tune for more information!


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