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Long and short of it, folks: Region-free episodes of ULTRAMAN RETSUDEN are now available via Tsuburaya’s YouTube channel! Get the 411 after the jump!

For the unaware, ULTRAMAN RETSUDEN features Ultraman Zero showcasing past Ultra Series episodes from the entire franchise. The current cours is highlighting episodes of Ultraman 80, Max, Dyna, and Cosmos! For awhile now, Tsuburaya been uploading episodes onto their Youtube channel but with region-locks on them. Now it appears that The Powers That Be are being gracious as episodes have started to appear without the locks!

HOWEVER! The catch is that these episodes are only up for a week after the initial broadcast. The only permanent one right now Episode 66: SHINING BONDS! MEBIUS, MAX, NEXUS!. But right now, you can head on over and watch Episode 75: TIGA AND DYNA THE MOVIE – PART 1: “Heartless Light”; a TV cut version of the Tiga and Dyna movie..which also contains the first glimpse of ULTRA ZERO FIGHT: PART 2! Ultra fans, get in on the action now!

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