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Courtesy of our buddies at the RangerCrew Power Rangers MegaForce Season 2, now OFFICIALLY called Power Rangers Super MegaForce (I’m totally fine with that name..), will not be changing up suits like the OG Rangers did in the past… they’re sticking with the Goseiger costumes.

[Editor’s Note: See also GibsonKAGE’s post here regarding the double dose of Goseiger and the “why” behind it.]

I gotta say this is a little surprising. New suits mean renewed interest in the show and it makes all the action footage easier. Judging from how Power Rangers Samurai went and the designs they got from Bandai for swankery Samurai costumes, I’d bet ya my Gold Ranger Morpher that Power Rangers MegaForce just might end up with totally original new suits for Season 2. This is just speculation, but a new year means new money to earn once they’ve milked the first Goseiger costumes for all their worth.

Still.. the Gokaiger costumes, weapons and footage is money also on the table that I can’t see them passing up. Power Rangers Samurai proved that Saban Brands isn’t worried about sword slasher series and the suits that come with them, so there’s no reason to believe they might be worried about the image the sword slinging pirates of Gokaiger might be too violent for their audience.

Word is Power Rangers MegaForce will have last names for the Rangers and they’ll be battling it out in a named city as well (they should call it NEO ANGEL GROVE!). Lastly word has it that the Goseiger card slinging gimmick will be a strongly promoted feature. Makes me wonder if they’ll be digging up that Ranger Strike Card Game that’s sitting out there… just waiting to be used somehow.

Lastly, at the Morphicon I asked them if they listened to the fan reaction of Power Rangers Samurai and if maaaybe some of our legitimate complaints might be addressed. I was told that “they intend to go darker” with the show… whiiiiich could mean anything. Might have been marketing speak for, “this is what fans want to hear,” or they might give the show back an RPM’esque edge that we went ga-ga for not too long ago at the end of the Disney Era. But, Power Rangers Samurai KILLED IT last year and made a lot of people a lot of money hand over fist. The really had NO REASON to change up the formula, tighten up the actor or stop the over the top silliness that Bulk and Spike brought to the show.

Only time will tell. Power Rangers MegaForce kicks off first quarter of 2013 and we’ll all be there to check out the 20th Anniversary of the series that brought a lot of us here together. Drop in to our MegaThread to let us know what you think.

See you there. 😉


  • Vasparian

    They won’t spend money on new suits. This is Saban we are talking about. They will use the Goseiger suits for this entire run. The suits won’t change until they either do Gokaiger or Gobuster.

  • This might just be me missing something but isn’t it entirely possible that Super Megaforce will just turn out to be the second half of the Goseiger story line? Thats exactly what happened with Samurai/Super Samurai. I know Saban is creating an original story with MegaForce but maybe he is also starting the trend of expanding each ranger season over 2 years. So then in 2015/2016 we will get the Gokaiger adaptation?

      • Wow…just got reading it. They really must be going all out with original footage as changing it up like that would be harded to adapt, I would think. Maybe they’ll try to promote the ‘power cards’ as our version of the ranger keys..only time will tell 🙂

        • GokaiSilver452

          I’d hate to not get the actual ranger keys and be stuck with cards…. I’ve hoped for “DX” keys that only had Gashapon releases in Japan. I know how slim a chance the keys have of being unchanged (not from gash to DX but to larger/smaller/misc changes), but still hoping.

        • Rez

          I was thinking that too. Saban and Bandai of America probably want to promote the cards, so the team could use the cards and not the keys to transform to past Ranger/Sentai incarnations.

  • Saban is standing by while Nick just keeps ruining the most popular live action show that we all grew up with. The Goseiger suits with Gokaiger footage is just a waste of time and money plus it’s an excuse for saban to skip Gokaiger and get away with it. If this keeps up I doubt this franchise will keep going after Super MegaForce Especially if Saban keeps it on Nick

  • XR-kcalB

    So, it’s gonna be like MMPR season 2 all over again.

    Goddammit, Saban. A huge merchandising potential with Ranger Keys and you throw it out the window. Good job man.

  • These morons need to come up with an original name and not slap on “super” to every other second season. Samurai and Super Samurai were fine because they were the SAME DAMN SUPER SENTAI TEAM. Try making up something pirate related. Here, I’ll do it for you. Power Rangers Galleon. Not that hard and I thought it up in a minute or so. Friggin’ morons…

  • moviefan

    I find it odd if they won’t use the gokaiger suits. This isn’t like the whole dairanger deal. They have a super easy way to use them. Do the legend war for season one ender. They loose the gosei suits/powers. And like zordon had with zeo/turbo powers a back up/knows off some new source. And bam season two uses goaki suits. Would make most sense. So they then can use the ground fight gokai footage(which I can’t see them passing up) and makes possibly using the megazord pirate zord footage gell better. Plus the talk of 6th gokaiger silver ranger being used would flow better.

    Its not like they would be using all of gokaiger ground/pre zyu changes and footage. They can cut/not use the 0re zyu episodes there was in series. And if its just going to be a 20 episode second season. Just adapt the episodes they used and was focused for adapted team episodes. And cut out pre zyu changes from said episodes and refilm some extra fights and there you go. Nice and simple way to gell gosei suits/footage, and then move to gokai suits and footage.

    Also come on I doubt bandai would want them to not use the gokaiger suits. Would mean more toys and would be in show use/advertising too. I hope this is what they will go.

    Cause it would make no sense to just keep the gosei suits and have silver come in. Which means no use at all of grounf gokai footage. Besides any solo gokai episode bits. And would mean way more original footage taking gokai villains/monsters suits and reshooting fights/meetings with gosei suit actors. I really think that would be counter productive/and not be smart way to use budget wisely. When plot/footage would dictact what I said above and still leave room for original story and all that. No different then any past seasons.

  • moviefan

    Also another thought. It was said we will be seeing robo knight/gosei knight by episode 6 of season one. Well what if since each villain group of gosei which was 3 groups and 13 episodes roughly pre group. The pr take is doing 6 episodes pre villain group. And take the best 6 monsters/episodes per villain group. And maybe them all one unifed warstar group. So they we are taking the best episodes from gosei footage. And there is how you use 50 episodes of gosei in 20 episodes of megaforce season one.

    Then follow suit for season two using gokai suits. Take the pr adapted episodes which is like 16 episodes. Use what workable footage from said episodes be needed. And then this also leaves room for around 4 filler/original episodes season two can have and there you go.

    My issue is more with nick only wanting to do 20 episode seasons. I see no logic or reason nick doesn’t or wont/can’t follow fox/disney schedule and have pr year long and have a 40 episode season aired withing a 9 to ten month window. I wish this was nick of the 90s/early 00s way. And come on they treat hoa soap style and pop through 50 or so episodes in a 2 to three month deal. Why is it so hard/impossible to have one series/one season old format again.

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