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UntitledThe text below contains spoilers of Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters vs. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger: The Movie from our inside source who was present at the cast screening.

Early on in the movie, it’s revealed the Gokaigers won the battle on the Zangyack’s home planet. Bacchus Gill joins forces with the Vaglass and overthrow the Gokaigers, even destroying their Gokai Galleon. What Bacchus Gill wants is to avenge Walz Gill and the others, as well as destroying Earth.

The Gokaigers are forced to obey Zangyack, who are planning an attack on the Go-Busters. The Gokaigers plan on using Go-Busters strength to find the Phantom Ranger Keys, as well as fighting back against the Zangyack. The Keys are actually gathered early on, but Enter manages to steal them while the Gokaigers are battling the Go-Busters. Enter plans on using the Ranger Keys merging Earth with the subspace. The immense power from the Keys causes a distortion in space and time, thus sending almost the entire cast back in time.

Yoko and J are blasted into the Edo period, where they end up finding Gai Ikari in a nearby village. Yoko and J are desperate for a way to return to present time, and Gai informs that he might just have a way for them to return. For some reason, recurring enemy/friend of the Gokaigers, Jealoushitto, is also thrown back into the Edo period and he just so happens to come across a Phantom Ranger Key in a bathhouse.

In present day, Hiromu, Ryuuji, Jin, Nick and Usada, who weren’t blasted back to past, try desperately to find a way to save Yoko, J and find the Phantom Ranger Keys, to prevent Zangyack and Vaglass destroying the world.  Kaoru Shiba appears(from Shinkenger), saying that she has  a scroll that has been passed down in the generations since the first line of the Shiba Clan; for this exact moment. Kaoru hands over the scroll and disappears for the remaining of the movie. The scroll actually contains a message from Yoko from the past. Through hard work and research, they manage to pin point everyone’s locations. By applying GoJyuDrill’s technology on Buster Machine, they are able to travel through time.

They travel to the various time periods in history to collect their friends, while attempting to disguise themselves in the periods clothing. Ryuuji, in KeroOh, arrives in the Mediterranean to pick up the Phantom Ranger Key, but Luka is already holding it. Ryuuji, still believing they are evil, takes it from her. Unfortunately, Waredonaiyer  appears and steals it from him. Luka and Joe save Ryuuji from Waredonaiyer’s attacks, Ryuuji finally realizes that the Gokaigers aren’t evil. Jin appears in France of the 17th century and poses as a phantom thief stealing from a nobleman and princess, who are actually Hakase and Ahim. Jin does in fact steal a Phantom Ranger Key from them, but he loses it to Bacchus Gill in present time. Marvelous was thrown back into 2005, and ends up eating curry at Yatsudenwani’s Dino House. Marvelous prepared himself with some chicken curry, which causes Hiromu to freeze for a while, they eventually sort out the remaining misunderstandings.  Finally they reach Edo to pick up Yoko and J. Before they have time to celebrate, Enter shows up inside Megazord ε. The village turns into a battlefield, but Enter is too strong for them, but they manage to retreat for the time being in present day. The Buddyroids collapse after the attack and with some repairs they are able to reboot. However, due to the attack, their vaccine programs have disappeared. The Buddyroids have lost their personalities, and now speak in a cold robotic voice. Things are looking grim for the two Super Sentais teams, especially since Zangyack and Vaglass have managed to steal the Phantom Ranger Keys.

The Go-Busters are forced to fight the final battle without the Buddyroids. The vaccine programs inside the Go-Busters have evolved so much, they are able to install into the Buddyroids in the middle of the battle. Escape, Basco and Damaras are avatars created by Enter. After some fighting, the Gokaigers get their hands on the Phantom Ranger Keys.

Gokai Red and Red Buster are fighting Waredonaiyer together. Kyoryu Red, already transformed, runs towards them gallantly, saying he’s here to help. Gokai Red and Red Buster wonders who he is, and Kyoryu Red declares that he’s the newest Super Sentai. Because Kyoryu Red is alone, Gokai Red interrupts him saying “You’re all alone, how is that being a Super Sentai?“ They leave Waredonaiyer to Kyoryu Red, the rest of Kyoryuger shows up from different activities. Black just got back from a date, Pink just finished her shift at her part time job. They put 3 JyuDenChi into the belt buckle. It rotates 90 degrees clockwise, they pose and start fighting Waredonaiyer.

The Phantom Ranger Keys actually allow them to Gokai Change into past Sentai robots. Go-Buster Ace, Tategami LiOh, Buster Hercules, GokaiOh and GoJyuJin initially transforms into GekiTohJa, Gao King, Magi King, Dai Bouken and DaiZyuJin respectively. Beet Buster, portrayed by Hiroya Matsumoto previously portrayed Magi Yellow, is steering Magi King, and says “This feels so right.” at one point. They also use Ryusei-Oh, Flash King and Gao Centaurus at a later point in the fight.

Please note that this is a translation of a summary from memory. We are waiting for further information from our source, check back again tomorrow! 


  • Battra

    Every Time travel story we have to go back to the Edo period, you’d think they’d pick a different time in Japanese history to visit from time to time.

      • Toei owns a Edo set that they reuse for multiple projects, if you notice, it’s always the same road and bridge. The last time it was used was in the Gokaiger Vs. Goseiger movie when Gokai/Gosei Blue/Yellow/Black go back in time(or was it just in a random city?).

      • Looks convincing to me and while Sentai doesn’t look horribly low budget, but if Toei is going to go back in time for Sentai it’s obvious they’re not going to pass up an already standing set, especially when they need to pay for two teams, a cameo from a third, and two mecha. At least they brought back a few mecha past Gaoranger, so they did put a little money and effort in that (If Saban paid for Daizyujin and RyuseiOh, I know they wouldn’t have paid for the pre Power Rangers Flash King.

    • Toni

      actually, masato’s been giving reference early on. when he pilot Go-buster Beet, he tends to make Magiranger’s hand pose while saying ‘Maji de ikuze!’

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