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Back when Power Rangers first came out in the 90’s another series made it’s debut as well.  Now the Samurai Syber Squad is back thanks to the good people from Miller Creek Entertainment!

Super Human Samurai Syber Squad was a tv show that came out during the Toku Boom of the early 90s like Beetle Borgs and VR Troopers. The show was based of Denkou Chojin Gridman and tells the tale of Sam Collins(Matthew Laurence) leader and front man of  garage rock band that stumbles upon and alien invasion in cyber space lead by the nefarious leader Kilokhan voiced by  Tim Curry! The first 28 episodes are set to be released on a 3 disc DVD  set to drop Feburary 19th. You can find out more  here.  Super Human Samurai Syber Squad


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