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No title, written 2013-01-12 19:02:0, and 2013-01-18 23:02:00 by Syuusuke Saito.

Received this image the other day from a boy I know.
It’s beautiful!!!
This makes me really happy.
With this, I want to do even better during filming.

Syuusuke 2013,1,12

Still a lot of snow and ice outside. I see people slipping and falling every now and then.

Guys, have you bought tickets for the Kyoryuger Premier Announcement show?
This is our first event, so I hope you guys can come.
I’m looking forward to meet you all, if you are coming.

The editing isn’t finished yet, but I saw episode 1-4 connected the other day.
It’s really funny, I laughed a lot. There’s also a lot of cool action scenes!

All the characters have so many different personalities. I’m sure you’ll all enjoy this show.
It’s about one month left, it’s airing real soon!

Oh, thanks for all the fan letters. I’ve been reading them all.
I really like letters.
Paper, envelopes, handwriting, it all comes in so many different forms.
It’s been fun reading them.

2013,1,18 Syuusuke

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