It’s not long now until the movie, “Garo – Dragon of the Blue Cry” (牙狼〈GARO〉~蒼哭ノ魔竜~) hits cinemas, but a new pachinko machine title “Makai Decisive Battle Gaoh” (魔戒決戦牙王) came out in parlours in Japan that has an original story based in the Garo universe, featuring all new Makai Knights.

Pachinko machines are very popular in Japan; using marbles instead of coins, the player slots them into the machines to gamble a chance to win more. Similar to ticket arcade machines, the marbles can be used to trade for prizes at the parlours. There have been previous Garo themed pachinko machines that show various fight scenes from the television series, specials and movies. This new machine, pictured snapped by Garage Hero’s Bueno, creator of Gun Caliber, will tell an original story in CGI about a Makai Knight tournament, where all the previous Knights are involved, including three new ones.


The three new Makai Knights includes the first ever female Knight, the red Scorching Heat Knight Yaiba, the green Beast Body Knight Giga and white Knight(pictured centre in main image), thought to be Gaoh, a pun on Garo, meaning Fanged King. Below you can watch the trailer and see them in action. The footage appears to be narrative-lite, with an emphasise on fighting together, ignoring story elements.



  1. Yaiba’s idenitity is Akira Godo, Barago’s student. He/She appears in the novel Youseki no Wana. According to a japanese blog, it seems that he/she has two forms, the male Akira and the female Misa

      1. I have to Youseki no wana novel. Gonna take a while to scan it though. Speaking of novel, there’s also the ankoku makai kishi hen novel, an eleven anthology story novel, set during or after the 1st season if I remember correctly. There’ also the short story Makai Kishi Restuden -Hagane no Hoko- (Makai Kishi Retsuden -Hagane’s roar-), that has the story of Kouga and Kaoru’s son, Raiga (雷牙) and is set in the future, though that one is OOP and sellers in Yahoo Japan auction are selling it in insane prices, I’m hoping I can buy one that has a reasonable price.

  2. Yeah, didn’t Red Requiem make a major point with Rekka about how Makai Knights have to be male? That’s why she was so angry about that she couldn’t inherit her father’s title and armor.

    Though if Yaiba is both a man and a woman, I guess that makes he/she “technically” the first female Makai Knight. At least depending on what form he/she is using.

    If anything, I’m more interested in who Gaoh is and how he’s related to Garo. There’s got to be some reason he’s being used instead as the lead Knight, even getting his name in the title.

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