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o0550039512435332246[1]The third season of GARO, GARO: The One Who Shines in the Darkness will be premiering April 6 at 1:20 AM on TV Tokyo. Featuring an all new cast. 

The cast features three new Makai Knights, Ryuga Dougai (Wataru Kuriyama), Takeru Jakuzure (Junya Ikeda) and Aguri Kusugami (Tsunenori Aoki).

Ryuga Dougai is the new Golden Knight Garo. But for some reason the golden suit has lost its shine and golden color, leaving it as a dull armor. The inexperienced knight is sent to protect Vol City. As he arrives, Vol City seems to be a peaceful and vibrant city. It’s almost as if it’s the perfect city where everyone is happy. Ryuga still senses the presence of demon beasts, he summons the Garo armor, dyed with a jet black color. Despite being new, he manages to overcome battles with his unique thinking and his ability to read minds. Kouga’s old partner Zaruba has now been passed onto Ryuga, but for some reason Zaruba rarely talks.

In Vol City, Ryuga meets Takeru Jakuzure and Aguri Kusugami. Takeru is an unequaled perverted womanizer, always playing with women. Although he always acts tough, he has an gentle heart that he tends to hide. Takeru is able to become the Flame Sword Knight Zen (Enjin Kishi Zen).

Aguri Kusugami on the other hand, belongs to the noble Kusugami clan. The complete opposite of Takeru, he’s always calm when he works. Has a strong sense of pride, and looks down on Ryuga for his lack of skills. Aguri is the Heavenly Bow Knight Gai (Tenkyu Kishi Gai)

Ryuga’s actor, Wataru Kuriyama, said that he watched the previous GARO series and tried to find inspiration from Kouga. But Keita Amemiya told him to forget about Kouga, saying “You are not playing Kouga. So make sure you smile and laugh a lot unlike Kouga. You’re charming when you smile.” It’s Wataru’s first time being in a drama, and he has expressed a lot of excitement towards this project. “Spending 7 months filming this has been such a great experience. Everyone on the set was really nice and always got you motivated!” he said.

Junya Ikeda, a huge fan of the GARO franchise he even went to a pre-screening of the first movie, expressed deep gratitude after he got an offer to be on the show and jokingly said “The GARO shows has so much action and its unique charm is the boobies they always have! So I’m really happy to be a part of this. I’m living the dream!

Tsunenori Aoki seems to be enjoying the fact that he’s the first knight to wear glasses.

The theme song is called THEMA of The One Who Shines in the Darkness composed by Shiho Terada and Yoshichika Kuriyama.

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