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aaaaaaaaaUnofficial Sentai Akibaranger that aired April to June 2012, is officially coming back for a second season with some new changes. But it will still capture the spirit of season one! Thanks to a visitor, we know what happened at the event!

DSC_0313The event started with the three unofficial heroes, already transformed, trying to pose whilst the new opening was playing. The song is simply called “Akibaranger Season Two” and is sung by Haruko Momoi, Yukio Yamagata and MoJo. They even seem to be making reference to Bandai in the song. Soon afterwards, a reworked edition of the second teaser video was shown. This teaser contained edited footage, as opposed to a short making-of video. It seemed to cover a bit of episode one.
Some details:

  • For some reason Nobuo can’t transform with the regular MMZ-01 (Moe Moe Z-Cune).
  • A Machine Itassher toy was in the cafe.
  • The weapons Akibaranger’s used have been made into toys ,DX AkibaLaser (MMZ-01) and DX MeteorCannon (Inordinate Cannon).
  • The new Blue, Luna Iwashimizu, was cosplaying as Akiba Blue.
  • Malshina was shown taking a bath as someone calls her through a device that looks very similar to the MMZ-01.
  • She says Evil Delusion (jamousou) and transforms. But all it does is add a helmet and changes her clothes.
  • Some old monsters from season one are back.
  • Yu Kamio (Kiyoto Maki/Dinosaur Greeed) will be in season two.
  • Some past rangers that were shown: Tyranno Ranger, Blue Swallow, Deka Yellow, Bouken Pink, Black Condor, Dragon Ranger and Kibaranger.

After the teaser, the cast came up along with the director, Ryuta Tasaki.
An important detail to pay attention to, is the new Blue. When her name was shown, many thought her name was Mitsuki Iwashimizu because of the kanji that were used. But, her name is read as Luna, despite having the same kanji as the previous blue, Mitsuki (美月).

A few comments from the cast:

  • Masato Wada, actor for Akiba Red, said “I have now turned 33 and it’s just getting more painful for me. I personally find Akagi a lot more funny now, compared to season one. Try to be as positive as possible when you are watchingthis!
  • Shione Sawada, the new Blue, also from the same agency as Kyoko Hinami, previous Blue, expressed a lot of gratitude and feels very happy to play this role. She has been talking to Kyoko in order to perform her role better.
  • Karin Ogino followed up withYumeria is doing a lot more cosplays this year, so look out for that!”
  • Kozue Aikawa said “Kozkoz has gotten more lines and screen time. So I’m really happy for that! If you remember, I always cosplayed female rangers in season one, but in season two it’ll be male rangers.
  • Honoka, who plays Malshina, mentioned that she still haven’t remembered the name of the villains. “Malshina will also have more ‘sexy’ scenes”

It’s been roughly 9 months since the defeat of Evil Group Stema Otsu Corporation. Akagi is back to his old habits, spending his days working as deliveryman with no joy. One day he walks past a shop specializing in Sentai toys. He enters and sees that the MMZ-01 is being sold as an official toy called the DX AkibaLaser! Did the Akibarangers turn into official heroes without knowing it themselves???? What could this possibly mean????? Could something have happened to the real official heroes!?
Luna Iwashimizu, a schoolgirl who hopes to become an idol has been appointed as the new Blue, and Yumeria, no longer works as a business woman, returns as Yellow. The three of the gather and once again become the Akibarangers.

The new villain this time is General Two and he leads his empire called “New Dimensional Intellect Remodeling Underground True Empire of Baros lol” (新次元頭脳改造地下真帝国バロスw, baros and ‘w’ are both very similar to the English lol) The name is a combination of the villain organizations from Bioman, Jetman, Livema, Flashman, Maskman and Dynaman.
General Two, played by Ryo Horikawa, is middle-aged Sentai villain fanboy. His absolute favorite is General Kar from Dynaman, his name and suit is based on General Kar. He creates figures of monsters and sends the into Delusion World. Malshina seems to have joined the True Empire of Baros lol, and uses a Moya Moya Z-Cune.



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