We have some new info for the up coming Kamen Rider Battle Ride War video game thanks to an update from Dengeki.com ! Hit the jump to find out more.

Here’s the official preview teaser for those that may have missed it:

here’s a quick summary of what was posted on the blog, translated by board member Thunder025:

  • New Den-O and Kaixa joins the fight
  • Masahiro Inoue/Kadoya Tsukasa will lend his voice, reprising his role as Kamen Rider Decade
  • TaToba, Tajadol, Shauta, and Putotyra combos have been confirmed for OOO
  • Rising Forms have been confirmed for Kuuga
  • Regular Den-O Climax Form will be playable
  • Form changes can happen freely
  • Stages aren’t limited to specific Riders. For example, the screenshots shows Kamen Rider Wizard facing off against the Lion Imagin.
  • Sometimes, Secondary riders will help you while other times you’ll have to fight against them. The article does not specify which ones will be playable.

In addition, we have a list of bosses confirmed thus far:

  • Kuuga: N Daguba Zeba
  • Agito: El of Water
  • Ryuki: Kamen Rider Odin
  • Faiz: Horse Orphenoch
Blade: joker Undead
  • Den-O Lion Imagin
  • Decade: Super Apollo Geist
  • W: Weather Dopant
  • OOO: Kyoryu Greed
  • Fourze: Sagittarius Zodiarts
  • Wizard: Phoenix Phantom


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