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kyokoKyoko Hinami, the actor of Mitsuki Aoyagi (Old AkibaBlue), confirmed on her own twitter that she’ll be returning to Akibaranger. It’s currently not known how many episodes she’ll be in or if she’ll even transform.


    • Tyrone

      Hey Keith,

      I too am a proud black nerd, and I really love what you do. I’m glad there’s confirmation that Mitsuki (the original) is coming back. I always believed that she would given how much fun everyone on the cast had and that the replacement Akibablue would be coming from the same talent agency. I figure Mitsuki’s absence departure will just play into another 4th wall parody of the Sentai franchise.

      Keep up the great podcasts, all of your friends are so knowledgeable, it’s really impressive.

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