An earlier scan from the up coming Super Hero Taisen Z Film showed Gavan Type G standing side by side with his fellow Metal Heroes: Janperson, Jiraiya, Jiban, SynchRedder, and B-Fighter’s Blue Beet and Kabuto.


But a recent image reveals that these aren’t the real Metal Heroes coming to the aide of Geki but in fact the Gokaigers Gokai Changed into the aforementioned Metal Heroes via the use of Metal Hero Ranger keys as confirmed in the scan.

Unfortunately, details regarding the key’s release are still unknown at the time of this article. But perhaps we’ll be seeing the release of a Metal Hero Ranger Key set sometime in the coming months, a lot like how they released the Kamen Rider OOO Ranger Key set from last year’s Super Hero Taisen. Stay tuned! We’ll have more info on this news item as it becomes available.



    1. I’m getting kinda tired of people whining about them. They’re not even the focus of the movie, this scene will probably be only a few seconds at best. As long as something’s profitable, it’ll go on (Hey there Den-O!)

  1. Okay, now I’m kinda bummed out(again) that they killed off Jin in Go-Busters. Why? Picture it: Stronger, Beet Buster, Kabutoraiger, Kabuto(Rider and B-Fighter), and Blue Beet lined up and charging into battle.

  2. And the next Super Hero Taisen includes Ultra Keys, Other Hero Keys (like Choujin Baron One…) and more and more Toku heroes keys?…That’s gonna be freakin’ awesome!!…I’m ready to see the results of this Metal Hero keys!!!…:D…

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