1. chrisfabo
    April 11, 2013 @ 12:13 pm

    that indeed was Maki…and if you look in the first shot of him, Maki’s Doll is on the computer monitor holding a sign saying ‘good to see you all again’ or similar.

    • Joe Masaki Locastro
      April 11, 2013 @ 5:42 pm

      Oh man, good eye! I’m terrible with actor names and the like but I can usually call face okay. I’m gonna rewind and look for that doll.

    April 12, 2013 @ 11:26 am

    An Awesome episode too

    Malseena was operating a machine and felt like a parody of super hero taisen when diend was usimg the big machine at the end.

    The akibarangers were fighting at an open area and then when akibared summon’s Machine Itashar, they are in another location. think it’s a parody to power rangers when in the show uses sentai footage and the in the american footage the are in another location without reason.

    Akiba blue and yellow use red as a weapon, now that was epic and funny.

    Some of the previous teams appeared and the voices from different voice actors is like watching a teamup of the cast if it was made 10 or 20 years into the future with the actual actors voicing them, And is nostalgic that way in a strange way.

    A very creative mecha fight scene was like something of a south park and robot chicken or something from adult swim which this season felt like it could be on.

    Loved the ending credits where the akibarangers and cast are photoshopped into the previous sentai shows was quite funny

    The first episode rocks cant wait to see Keiichi Wada becoming Masato Wada ( ryuuranger being akibared) gonna be one of the best highlights of this season when the episode is out.

    five star squadron akibarangers DUN DUN DUNNNNNNN

    same show, same time, next delusion

    April 14, 2013 @ 4:47 am

    Episode 2 was awesome

    Loving the sentai villain fan especially when he is putting his voice on the mic to sound generic evil and singing at the karaoke bar while later have a stand off with akibared , he’s awesome for this show

    akibared Nobuo and Doctor Hiroyo Hakase shaking each others bubbly heads lol that was too funny

    The new blue Luna is really funny like a typical idol actress and is similar Moegi in the way she acts at times

    Luna messes up as she lives in the five star squadron akibaranger that replaces dairanger world, is over excited, messes up like a newcomer and messes up the unofficial squadron akibaranger pose by doing the dairanger ones instead, that was really funny.

    Ryuuranger being an clumsy average take away guy and not a hero was insane

    The best part of the episode was the blu ray monster his human form is really funny, just like an wacky japanese infomercial guy. and was reminded of how some of the monsters were wacky back in the day in sentai especially in dairanger and kakuranger.

    the blu ray monster advertising Z-Cune Aoi porn to otaku fanboys , was like the 1st season of akibaranger with the pink bubble cut out layer covering the clothes of the woman to make the image look nude. And fanboys suffered the consequences because of it.

    Explained in this episode

    This ryuuranger suit is based on the early concept of dairanger of pre production which the show was about to be called Chuuka Sentai Chinaman but changed due to that name which is why too in post production ryuuranger as his eyes changed of his helmet and some changes to the suit had been modified for the actual dairanger series.

    When kibaranger showed up, damn that was epic, if this carries like this, this could be better than the first season of akibaranger

    cant wait for the next episode it’s gonna rock

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