newultraA new Ultraman series will be premiering July 10 featuring an all new Ultraman hero called Ultraman Ginga!

The new show will be called New Ultraman Retsuden, but unlike Ultraman Retsuden, New Retsuden’s will have 30 minute episode with all new footage and characters. New Ultraman Retsuden will be set in present-time Japan and revolves around a group of high school students, whom ends up getting involved with fighting giant monsters alongside Ultraman Ginga. A long time ago in outer space, a certain evil caused all Ultra heroes and giant monsters to turn into small dolls. These dolls where scattered all over the universe, until they arrived on Earth through a meteor shower. In present time, a young boy finds the Ginga Spark, that allows him to help the dolls revert into their true form. With the Ginga Spark, he can “UltraLive” to merge with the dolls.
d0d8f329601a38f6c30ba838e1835444Takuya Negishi will portray a 17 year old high school student called Hikaru Raidou. He transforms into Ultraman Ginga with the mysterious device, Ginga Spark. This will mark him as the youngest Ultra hero!
He’ll be joined by his childhood friends Misuzu Isurugi (Mio Miyatake), Kenta Watarai (Mizuki Ono) and Chigusa Kuno (Kirara).

13f32a8433a4fdf324fa7501b200bd22Tomoya Ichijoji, played by Takuya Kusakawa, is the cool mysterious transfer student, that is also Hikaru’s rival.

New Ultraman Retsuden will be directed by Yuichi Abe, Tomo Haraguchi, Kengo Kaji and Yoshikazu Ishi. It will be separated into two parts. With episode 1-6 as season 1 called, “Summer Break.” Episode 7-11 will be the New Year’s Holiday season, airing from November to December. The first episode will premiere July 10, 2013. Which coincides with the first time, Ultraman ever appeared on TV, July 10 1966. Two special episodes will also be airing at later events during the fall and next spring.



  1. awesome, finally an ultraman show is back

    this ultraman suit looks like tiga, nexus, max and the original ultraman. It seems there might be an rival ultraman in later episodes like ultraman agul vs gaia.

    Looking forward to this, this is gonna be fun to watch

  2. Ultras and Kaijus as dolls (or figures) and make them grow via Device?…WOW…It’s like te Ranger Keys…But with a difference thanks to Ultra Series!…:D…Bad the number of episodes but still enjoyable!!…:D

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