BIMA Satria Garuda: Indonesia’s First Henshin Hero! – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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Say hello to BIMA Satria Gardua, set to premiere June 30th he’s Indonesia’s first foray into the Toku genre. But what makes Gardua unique is that it’s a series officially backed by Ishimori Productions, with official merchandise from Bandai! Want to know more about this new series? Then click the link and make the jump!

Ray is a young man from Earth chosen to protect the planet from an evil organization named VUDO, an evil organization from another dimension out to steal Earth’s natural resources. As his name applies, as BIMA Ray has the abilities of a Garuda. His main weapon is called Helios, and his finishing attack is called Garuda Strike.

BIMA is scheduled to run for 26 episodes. The script of this series will be written by Masato Hayase who previously worked on the two Kikaider animes.


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