DX Masked Rider New Arrival is an awesome bootleg of the DX Decadriver. Not only that it looks like the decadriver, it can’t open like one! AWESOME RIGHT!? But that’s not all! It comes with 5 cards! You all might recognize the logos only to flip it over to find utter disappointment. Kamen Rider Diend is now Kamen Rider Blade. The best part is that these fake cards also work inside the DX Decadriver but all of them are Hibiki’s barcodes, after all, Hibiki is the only true Kamen Rider…right? Check out the video for yourself and tell me what you think of the derptastic bootleg!




  1. Thing is, this is what Toei might do if they make another Decade-type Rider from Decade in the future that can transform into previous Showa Riders or something. Recolour the DecadeDriver.

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