ninjahibikiDuring Kamen Rider Hibiki’s early planning stages, Toei actually planned on putting the Kamen Rider on a break and make a series based on the old Ishinomori hero, Henshin Ninja Arashi.

However, Bandai didn’t like the idea of that and Hibiki ended up becoming a Kamen Rider after all. But now, Hibiki will go back to some of its Henshin Ninja Arashi roots in the novel written by the series head writer, Tsuyoshi Kida. To be released May 23, 2013, for 650 yen.

The novel will have nothing to do with the TV series, instead of Hibiki and Asumu, the novel revolves around a different Hibiki and a man called Hayate.

It will be set right after the end of the Warring States era, just as the Edo era begins. Hibiki and his clan are hiding in a small village while fighting the Makamo. But one day, he meets Hayate, a ninja fighting against the evil Chigurumatou clan.



  1. I guess even though it’s not a continuation of the series, one could look at this as a continuation from where the movie left off and be set in the past of the Hibiki universe.

  2. To be fair, I was expecting them to do something other than a continuation of the series. After all, it was a mess. Do they correct the series? Would that not undermine what was done? Do they continue with how it ending? Would that not upset many, many of the fans?

    It is safer to set it like this.

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