SH Figuarts Kamen Rider Abyss 3

Good news folks, the S.H.Figuarts Kamen Rider Abyss reported just yesturday has now been confirmed as a mass retail release, Tamashi has just released official photos of him along with S.H.Figuarts Hurricane Red and the S.I.C. So make the jump to check out these photos!

These figures will be released in September, and like the previous Ryuki releases Abyss is shown to include his own personalized Tamashi Act Stage Stand.

SH Figuarts Hurricane Red 1

We also have another look at the recently announced Hurricane Red figure!

He’s shown to include his Keitaininto Hayate Sumaru weapon, along with his signature Dry Gun, in addition to the faux Shurikenger vest made for him by AkibaYellow. Hurricane Red will retail for 3990 yen.

The last update comes from SIC with new photos of the S.I.C Kick and Punch Hopper two pack. Each Hopper will have his own Rider Kick and Rider Punch effect part in addition to two bowls of ramen and a pair of chopsticks. The two will be released at the more expensive price point of 7140 yen.


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