S.H.Figuarts Abyss, Wizard Infinity and S.I.C Hoppers Two Pack US Release Confirmed! – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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Missed you’re chance to pre order the recently announced S.H.Figuarts Abyss,  S.I.C Hoppers or WIzard Infinity? Worry not, because Bluefin has you’re hook up!

Bluefin posted several updates regarding these figures. Each of these figures will be coming out in October, Wizard Infinity and Abyss will both retail for 37.99$ a piece while the S.I.C Hoppers will be released at the slightly more expensive 67.99$. The S.H.Figuarts Hurricane Red figure will also see a release in October.

They’ll be made available at online retailers, speciality stores, and wherever Bluefin products are sold. Thus far, there has been no word on ToysRus or similar retailers receiving these figures.

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  • Dessa

    US release for KAMEN RIDER Figuarts? The Sentai ones I got, but this? This is more than I expected. (Dear Bluefin. I can has US release of Gokai Yellow, too?)

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