DaiRanger Cast Reunion 20 Years Later – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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This picture fills my heart with so much joy. I just finished this fantastic series two days ago and I love this cast so much. Glad to see they’re still friends freaking two decades later. 😀

Check out the forum post where this got shared.


  • Mikey Hadden

    So from left to right it’s Ryou (Red/RyuuRanger), Lin (Pink/HououRanger), Shouji (Blue/TenmaRanger), Daigo (Green/ShishiRanger), Kazu (Yellow/KirinRanger), and finally Kou (White/KibaRanger)!


    Awesome pics of the dairanger team now, hope TOEI Company decides to do a 20 years later reunion V cinema like hurricanger did

    and have dairanger stunt team back too and maybe have koichi who can bring in the hong kong style action like he did with the four gokaigers changed into dairangers fight scene in the dekaranger episode of gokaiger episode 5.. That would be extremely epic

  • MattComix

    Okay, where’s THEIR reunion movie? Dairanger 21 Years After.

    I’d watch it. You would watch it. We all would watch it. ..and you know this, man!

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