SH Figuarts Chou Akiba Red

Here’s some more Tamashi Web exclusives that were revealed in yesterday’s Figureoh scan drop!

In addition to the S.H.Figuarts Den-O Rod Form and Gun Form pack that was revealed yesterday, another Figuarts exclusive has been slated October, joining along side the Armoured Tyrano Ranger. And it’s S.H.Figuarts Chou AkibaRed Super!

This version of Chou Akibared made an appearance in the most recent episode of Akibaranger, and it’s been cast in gold paint! This web exclusive Figuarts release will retail for 3675 yen.

In Monster Arts related news, scans have revealed that S.H.Monster Arts Biollante will be seeing a release. Monster Arts Biollante will stand at a massive 30 CMs tall, that’s about 12 inches! The figure will also feature an LED Light up gimmick, which is a first for the line!

Unfortunately, Monster Arts Biollante will also be the most expensive in the line, retailing for 23,100 yen, which is about 242$ USD! While this is a Web Exclusive release, you can expect Bluefin to distribute this figure to North American consumers.


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