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Power Rangers Legacy DVD Case

The contents of the Mystery Box previously encountered by the Black Nerd have finally been revealed! What was in the Box? It’s a special Power Rangers Legacy DVD Box set containing all the seasons from Mighty Morphin to Megaforce! All contained in a display case modelled after the Mighty Morphin Red Ranger’s helmet!

This massive and epic box contains 98 DVDs in total six discs will contain bonus material. The Power Rangers Legacy Set will be available beginning December 3rd and only online from Shout Factory.

In the mean time, watch the epic unveiling video below:

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  • moviefan

    very cool box set of seasons 1-20. cant wait to see what will be included in the set. Makes nt get the mmpr-lg first set. But hopefully once they release this set other sets ie ls-wf and Disney era sets would include some of the same features that will be in this big set.

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