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Legendary producer and Kamen Rider Stronger co-creator Tohru Hirayama has recently passed away.

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One of the defining souls of our fandom has gone to the great all rider kick in the sky, and for his work we thank him. Celebrate his life by watching some Showa-era goodness today!

[Thanks to Monster Attack Team for the story]

Make room in Heaven: It is with heavy hearts that MAT brings you sad news from Japan about one of the GIANTs and kindest men in tokusatsu history. The legendary TOHRU HIRAYAMA has left us.

31 Jul 2013 – Tohru Hirayama (平山亨), a former Toei Creative Producer died of heart failure at 84 years of age. Only family and relatives will attend his private memorial service. His second son, Mitsuru will pr…eside over the mourning and additional ceremony.

Hirayama-san joined Toei Productions in 1954. In 1971, he was the producer of the hit TV show KAMEN RIDER, and worked on guiding the series throughout. He was chiefly involved in the deals that led to the production of many (tokusatsu shows) like Secret Squadron GO RANGER, NINJA RED SHADOW MASK, GIANT ROBO (Johnny Sokko), KIKAIDA and more. In addition he helped lay the solid foundation of special effects hero programs in Japan forever!

MAT is in touch with those that were very close to Hirayama-san and will bring you more on this giant among men in print and online! -MAT

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