NINPU! SHINOBI CHANGE! Just in time for the release of the Hurricanger 10 Years After V Cinema Special, official images of the S.H.Figuarts Gouraiger Brothers in addition to HurricaneBlue and HurricaneYellow have been released! Bandai has announced that the  full team will be coming together as early as 2014.  Make the jump to find out more!

S.H. Figuarts Gouraigers 06

S.H. Figuarts Hurricane Blue & Yellow 04

The Gouraiger two pack will be released in December while HurricaneBlue and HurricaneYellow will be released in the following month in January. Both two pack releases will be priced at 7350 yen each. Both two packs will be coming out as Tamashi Web Exclusives

The Gouraigers were shown to include the Double Gadget weapon, formed from combining their Horn Breaker and Stag Breaker signature weapons but whether or not you’ll be able to remove or combine them wasn’t shown, this is the first time a Super Sentai Figuart included a combined cannon weapon! Other accessories shown in the officials images included the Ikazuti Maru, and Hayate Sumaru.

Meanwhile, HurricaneBlue and HurricaneYellow have both been shown with their signature weapons: The Sonic Megaphone and Quick Hammer along with a standard Hayate Sumaru but it still remains to be seen if these weapons can combine to form the Dry or Victory Gadgets.

HurricaneRed is slated to be released next month! With the Bluefin release happening the following month. There’s still no sight of Shurikenger, and we still don’t know if Bandai will release Dark HurricaneRed that appeared in the new V Cinema.


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