Toei has announced the next Power Rangers series that will be airing in Japan. It’s not Operation Overdrive, for better or for worse they will be skipping three seasons and going straight into Samurai. It doesn’t appear that Operation Overdrive,  Jungle Fury, or RPM will be dubbed at this time.

Unlike the dubs of SPD, the cast of Samurai Sentai Shinkenger won’t be returning for this dub. Instead, the dub’s cast will consist of the following voice actors:

Koji Yusa as Jaden (Urataros in Den-O, Elgar from the dubs of Turbo and In Space)
Sachiko Kojima as Mia(Angel from Cowboy Bebop)
Wataru Hanto as Mike(Harutoki from Bleach)
Tsuguo Mogami as Kevin(Raito Kurosaki from Card Fight Vanguard, Keith Shardis from Attack on Titan)
Ayaka Shinoyamada as Emily
And Yoju Ueda as Mentor Ji(Mubi and Gamakichi in Naruto)

Toei describes the series as “The Super Sentai you don’t know about. The Super Sentai that holds globa standards, even if you don’t like Toku you’ll. be able to enjoy this western drama,”. Japan’s dub of Power Rangers Samurai is set to air in 2013.



    1. also, dubbing Samurai into Japanese just seems like like a bad idea considering how badly it copied the episode plots of Shinkenger, to the point where the rangers are nearly the same characters as their Japanese counterparts

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