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The son of Ultraman comes to life in this promotional motion comic. So hit the link and read up on one of the best on going Tokusatsu mangas out there!


An Original Story by Eichi Shimizu (Line Barrel Of Iron) and Tomohiro Shimoguchi(Line Barrel Of Iron), the story is a continual on the  original Ultraman series . It is published by Heroes monthly magazine and is a Shounen series so it’s aimed at men in their late teens to their twenties meaning room for dark and deep characters and situations. The story is set about forty years after the event of the Original series.  Ultraman is now all but a legend in the mind of Earth’s people who have known nothing but peace since he left earth. The SSSP(Science Special Search-Party) naturally has been disbanded and aliens no longer to target the Earth for either conquest or destruction, or so it seems. The main hero of the series is Shinjiro Hayata the son of the legendary Shin Hayata soon finds that things are not as they seem. Besides possessing abnormal strength and endurance surpassing that of a normal man, he learns that not only the SSSP is still together as an organization, but aliens are still threaten Earth. His biggest surprise however is that he apparently is the inheritor of his father’s legacy as Ultraman. Now donning armor based of the legendary Giant of Light Shinjiro and powered by Specium energy finds he must step up to his father’s legacy and protect his world from a new siege of alien threats.

The series itself has been on going since 2011 with the newest bound volume, volume 3 hitting shelves in Japan on September 5th. To help promote the occasion a motion comic has been made out of the first time Shinjiro donning the Ultra-armor to combat Be Mular.

Fortunately unlike Hybrid Inzector which was cancelled by Toei despite being a very well done modern continuation to the Showa Kamen Rider Series Tsuburaya Productions seems to have a hand in the production of the manga so it should be sticking around.


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